I am by nature a thoughtful person, slow to anger. People close to me can attest that I may get annoyed or agitated easily, but anger is something I feel very infrequently. In fact, I am often criticized for my extremely long fuse. I believe wholeheartedly in seeing both sides of an issue and in giving people, and situations, the benefit of the doubt. I know people who are good human beings with good hearts and values who voted for Donald Trump. I believe that they believe they did a good thing.

Friends who voted for Trump, I know you are angry and feel that the US government had stopped representing your interests. I know that you think liberal America had taken over and that the arrogance of “liberals” meant that values and ways of life near and dear to you had been abandoned. I may certainly be guilty of that. I know you want good jobs to stay in the US, that you want the right to own a gun, that you want Christian values, as you define them, to be the life’s blood of our nation and for independent, hard working Americans to stop getting the shaft.

But what havoc have you wrought in your revolt? You just elected a thoughtless, feckless, craven narcissistic thug to run our nation. You expected this billionaire to care about your life of struggle? This man three times married who brags about pussy grabbing to uphold your Christian values? A man who uses immigration to get women he likes into the nation but who denies that privilege to those fleeing war and persecution?

My life’s work was about the creation and execution of meaningful, helpful public policy. I cannot stand by while someone whacks away at laws he does not understand with a machete in the form of a pen. You think you elected a man of action? Well, someone who invades a family’s home in the night and bludgeons them all to death is also a man of action, but obviously not of character.

Week one and people’s health care is no longer protected, people who legally arrived on our shores have been turned away without warning, a pipeline has been approved to go right through our native peoples’ sacred lands, wealthy individuals without any relevant experience have been nominated to run our nation’s State Department and education agencies (among others), the president refuses to disclose information that may contain evidence of clear, indisputable conflicts of interest, supports the use of torture against individuals who have not undergone due process of law, and the list goes on and on.

I no longer care if someone’s feelings get hurt or if we share space on social media. I cannot in good conscience stand by idly while this goes on. I am looking for opportunities to act. Will use my own pen and my own telephone and my own body if need be to fight against this. It has now gone beyond politics and differences in how we manage our economy or our military. I will join with those who resist. I cannot let this crazy man ruin my country without at least trying to stand up against him.

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